Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Xalandritsa -- then and now

from top to bottom:
*view from the church built with Venetian influence sometime around 1100.
*modern-day graffiti; "Maxi" is an uncommon female Greek name, short for "Andromaxi" which means "valor in battle"; ironically enough, "Maxi" is also the Greek word for "battle"
*Picture of a picture; the original WWII monument before all the names of the fallen Greek soldiers were chiseled off the marble by the Greek government in the 1960s
*The storyteller, his wife, and his audience
*the graveyard; in the distance, the mountains next to the village where the 68 Greek Xalandritsani police were massacred by fellow Greeks during the civil war.

Xalandritsa - old homes preserved

Xalandritsa -- landmarks in the village

2nd from top: the old hospital
3rd from top: icon of St. Athanasios outside that church
4th from bottom: the stream gushing through the village where my grandmother and mother used to do the laundry
bottom pic: the elementary school that the Italians confiscated as their headquarters

Trip to Xalandritsa -- my grandmother's mountain village + WWII monument

click on the picture for a full-blown image :)