Thursday, November 24, 2011

time to be moving on. . . .

that's right. it's been real, it's been great, it's been really great, but greekamerika is going on pause. just for a bit. i'll be back. i promise :-)

i'm moving on to a new blog now, because i've got a new mission. not one i'm going to share yet, though, so you'll just have to sit tight and wait for it, please.

it'll be worth the wait. it always is.


i've got greek blood, remember? all that stuff about the 11th hour? yea, that's no lie. 

happy thanksgiving, and love to you all who've been with me here so far, and to all you who haven't and will never get a chance to read this because perhaps you don't even know such a blog exists (or you don't care). good wishes have a way of catching and spreading. i like to believe that.


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  1. I found this blog to late I guess...
    Best wishes from a Swedish living in Greece!


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